Hengxin Ceramic Company, drawing near the feet of Daxiong Mountain that has delightful landscape, is located in the riverside of Zijiang in Hunan province where has the dainty landscape, abuting the railway station of Hunan- Guizhou railway line in Xinhua. The Lianyuan-Shupu highway of province-level pass the front door of our factory. The traffic is more advantage and the railway can pass through those big cities at East-South-West-North: Beijing and Shanghai and Guangzhou and Kunming and etc.

    Hengxin Ceramic Company, a staff of more than 200, a speciality technic personnel of more than 30, thereinto holding the diploma over junior college of more than 20, has technical cooperating with belating scientific research academy and graduate school. The enterprise hold all kinds of equipment using in producting ceramics such as dry press machine, hot die-casting machine, spray making grain machine, high-middle-low temperature electricity stove, nicety grinding machine, polishing machine, etc. The production value is about 100 million Yuan. The ceramic products such as: discharge clube and metallic china, ceramic lamp holder, temperature control ceramic and water faucet valve piece, provided with low loss of high frequency, high insulating strength, good specific volume resistance, small dielectric constant, high mechanical intensity and excellent airtightness and thermal and chemical stability. The products of our factory are minitype but multiplicity,exactitude, cusp, and are applied in fields of electron, chemical-industry,engine, railway, metallurgy, textile industry, hot industry, water-warm, appearance and avigation, spaceflight and so. The products are sold to the countries and areas such as Korea, Espana, Japan, Formosa, Hongkong and so at first hand or indirectly, and are enjoyed by our consumers.

    The enterprise extracts constantly the internal-overseas advanced technic, and drives implementing the standard of international quality: ISO90001:2000, so that we could offer the high-quality products for our consumers. The enterprise Scrupulously abide by a quality policy of "Quality first, Constituency paramountcy", and a principle of "the empressement are best and the inscriptions are also inspired ". We should offer the best approving serving for our greatness consumers, and cooperate frankly and profit each other and move forward hand in hand and altogether with our consumers.

Welcome to HENGXIN ceramic Company and come to cooperate and have bargaining.

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